Monday, September 6, 2010

Bryan's writting this one

Hey all,
I figured that I would take a spot on Katie's blog and write about what We shall I say Me did this weekend.
So on Sat I got up and took Maddy with me for my normal Sat morning run around base which this one was 4.75 miles or so. She always enjoys going for runs with me around here plus it's more of a work out as well. While we were doing this, Kaite got to sleep in some more, which she needed cause of a cold she got. Which they gave her some good cough medicine to help it. Once we got back I needed to go out to the store to get the rest of the supplies for the BBQ that I was cooking and WE were putting on for my class on Sun. So I took Maddy with me again so we got to spend more Father/daughter time. At first she wasn't so thrilled with leaving Mommy but she got over it and napped for a few while we drove across town.
First stop was Home Depot to get charcoal for the smoker and a hatchet so I can cut up some wood that I have acquired here. Then it was over to Wally World for the rest of the groceries needed for the BBQ on Sun as well as a special treat for Maddy. I also was able to score me some more 380 ammo which was hard to find this time last year for a good price, but I'm getting a good supply of ammo for what I carry. But back to getting Maddy her special treat. As y'all know that we have been potty training Maddy, she went this past week 3 days without an accident so I told her that we would get her something special for doing that. I got her another Thomas the Train Engine, more specifically Edward the Engine he's the #3 one. So we headed home for the rest of the day. Maddy napped after lunch and then we took her to the pool once she got up cause it closed after today. But while she napped I made a Sausage Fatty. Since I was smoking a Brisket all night for the first time, I figured that I would make one for breakfast and smoke it in the morning.

On to the Sausage Fatty. When Katie first heard about this she wasn't to keen on the whole idea. But once she saw it she was much more sold on the idea. Then she smelled it once it was done and then ate it she was sold on the idea. So whats in this fatty everybody kept asking. Well its a 1 pound sausage chub, rolled flat, stuffed with what ever you want, then either smoked as is, or roll it with a bacon weave over the sausage roll. I put in some pepper jack and some apple wood smoked cheddar cheese, jalapeno's, and some hash browns with peppers and onions in it. Then rolled it up and then rolled the bacon weave on it. Which I then smoked on Sun morning for 3 hours and served it up with some biscuits.
Here are the pics of the Fatty,
finished product.
Even Maddy enjoyed some of it. But mainly her bisckets though.

See we even had leftovers, so Steve you could have had some had you been here for it.

So I did my first overnight brisket smoke. Which was fun but don't know if I will do it again though. If I do it again I won't cook it as long or at least start checking it at about 8-9 hours in. This brisket wasn't my best one by far but I learned a lot though. It got to hot and it just fell apart once it was done. So I had to make chopped brisket instead of sliced which I prefer. But it did turn out good though and everybody said that it was really good. Even Maddy liked it, she had two helpings of it and we all know how she can be a picky eater some times. So I sat up for the first 5 hours or so watching the fire that I build in the pit and drank some beer with a class mate here. Katie stayed out with me for a while then she went to bed. I don't blame her, she needs all the rest she can get.
A couple of pics of the fires from the night.

Well on Sun all we did was enjoy the goodness of the sausage fatty, go to the pool and then have people over for the BBQ. Sorry for no pictures of the brisket but I didn't take any this time. Hope that everybody had a great weekend. I know we did and we all are looking forward to me starting class on Wen.