Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Here are a few portraits of the girls!! They just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!!!

Have a fantastic day!!! :-)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Party

The base had an Easter party for the kids today. Maddy had a BLAST!!! Here are a few photos from the day!!

The Easter Bunny led the parade on a fire truck...

Amelia did NOT like the sirens!!

No one was really sold on the Easter bunny this year...

Maddy's first pony ride!!

Getting ready for the big egg hunt!!

Maddy with her loot...

Maddy & her friend Alison hanging out while the daddies fish!

This is what Amelia did while they fished!

Real men fish with pink children's fishing poles!! ;-)

Maddy helped release one of the fish the guys caught!!

We've had a great day so far! Hope your weekend is going well!! Love you guys!! :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good evening everyone! It's been awhile since I last posted, so I thought I'd give everyone an update... LOTS has happened since my last post!!

First, we have a new house in Corpus!!! After looking at some rental properties off base, we just decided that it was more cost effective to live ON base. We have a 4 bedroom home that we will be moving into as soon as we get there... Which brings me to my next piece of news...

The plan was for the packers to pack on Monday and Tuesday of next week. The loaders would load on Wednesday, and we'd all drive to Corpus on Thursday to unload either Thursday or Friday. WELL... We got a call today that the packers want to start packing THIS FRIDAY!!! YIKES!!! Good thing we already had a good start on our "to do" list!!! So, we're in overdrive now trying to get everything done in the next 2 days!!!

As for our little trip to Corpus last week, we had a GREAT time!! We all decided that Corpus seems like a nice place to call "home" for the rest of the year!! We went to the Texas State Aquarium (and bought a membership because with Maddy's love of fish, we're CERTAIN we'll be going back)!! Here are a few photos from the aquarium. Please excuse the poor quality. I used my little point and shoot and the lighting was terrible... :-)

Maddy and her new BFF... This guy followed us around telling Maddy all about all the fish!! :-)

Maddy and Abby... Abby's dad is in the class ahead of Bryan. We met them in Del Rio, and are THRILLED that they are already in Corpus, so we already have friends there!! :-)

A little family photo...

Also this past week, we let Amelia take her first bubble bath with Maddy. The very first thing Amelia did was scoop up some bubbles and taste them. HaHaHa. The girls were really at the end of their ropes that night, so they don't look super thrilled, but they really did enjoy it!! Promise!!!

Alright, well, I better get some rest... We have another day of hard work ahead of us tomorrow!! Love you guys!! :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

IndianHead Ranch

Last week we had an opportunity to go back out to Bryan's class sponsor's ranch... IndianHead Ranch. Just as the last time, we had an absolute BLAST, and the scenery, hospitality and food were EXCELLENT!!! Here are just a few of the 284 photos we took while we were there!!! Enjoy!!

Amelia says, "I'm gonna knock you out!!" LoL...

Taking a little snooze by the lake...


And it was hot... Check out those hot, rosy cheeks!!

Self portrait time!!! :-)

Amelia dipping her toes in the lake...

Yep... We were THAT close!!!

Made Mommy nervous, but they climbed pretty high together!!

This was our "ride"...

"Mom, this rock is REALLY heavy!!!"

Family Photo Op...

We had Oryx fajitas for dinner... These are oryx...

All-American girls at sunset...

Funny face!! :-)

Took this one through a telescope with my iPhone... Yes... That's a zebra!!! How cool is that?!?!

We had so much fun at the ranch, and we'll miss this part of Del Rio, but we're glad to be moving on!!! Here's hoping Bryan gets some news today at work about when we'll be moving to the beach!!! :-)