Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Photo Shoot

I just realized that I never posted the portraits I took of the girls this month on here. Bryan and I took the girls to the Val Verde Winery last week to take some portraits of them in the latest dresses I made. We chose the winery because we were told we should be able to find some green grass there... We found a little patch. I wasn't thrilled with these portraits, but I got some decent ones. The girls really weren't into it on this day, so that was a challenge, and it was very sunny, so they didn't want to look up. I am glad I got these, though. Enjoy!!

I hope you had a great weekend!! Have a great week!!! We find out on Friday what Bryan's next plane that he'll be training on will be. I hope to make some time to post that information shortly after it's announced!

Love you guys!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

San Antonio Zoo

Bryan is officially T-6 complete!!! For those of you who don't speak UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) lingo, that simply means that he has completed the training for the T-6 airplane!!! Since he has completed his training, and there are a few days before his Track Select (meaning the day we find out which plane he'll be training in next), he got to take some leave (vacation time)!!! Since he didn't have to go to work today, we took the girls to the San Antonio Zoo!! Maddy had an absolute BLAST!!! Amelia is a little young still to take in the full experience, but she was a trooper!! :-)

A friend of mine had to drive to San Antonio to pick her husband up from the airport there (he was away for a week for some training), so my friend and her daughter joined us at the zoo this morning before they had to head to the airport. It was fun to have them with us!! :-)

Here are some photos from our adventure today!! Enjoy!!

Maddy liked climbing on any of the statues we could find:

In case you were wondering what they look like, these were our partners in crime today... Melissa and Abby...

Maddy thought this monkey was really funny! It helped that he was putting on a little show for us!! Don't worry... There was glass between us and him!! :-)

Of course, all of the fish areas were a HUGE hit with Maddy!!

Amelia seems to be taking on Maddy's love for fish, too... She was a little interested in the big fish tank!!

I'm not entirely sure what she was looking at, but I think it's safe to say she was a little stunned!! LoL...

Just thought this was a cute photo of Maddy:

Of all the animals, the elephants were Maddy's all-time favorite today!!! We even left the zoo with a stuffed blue elephant... I'd show you a photo of him, but he's snuggled in Maddy's bed with her tonight!! :-) (P.S. This is another of those statues I was talking about!!)

I couldn't very well NOT take a photo of one of the elephants!!!

Maddy couldn't decide if these birds were neat or scary... She'd inch closer then back up. HaHaHa... It was pretty funny!!!

Amelia had enough fun for one day... Poor kiddo was tuckered out!!

I just thought this bird was really pretty... There was an enclosure that you could go in and feed these birds. Maddy was ok with looking at them, but I could tell very quickly that paying to feed them would have been a waste of money! HaHaHa... I tried to get a photo of her with one of these little guys, but she wouldn't get close enough!! :-)

And, of course, what trip to the zoo is complete without the FLAMINGOS!!! Or, as Maddy would call them, the flaming-os... She puts the emphAsis on the wrong sylAble!! Too cute!! :-)

I hope you enjoyed "coming to the zoo" with us today!! We had a blast!!! Everyone is tucked in for the night, so I think I'm going to head that direction, too!! We have another busy day tomorrow with a storytime that our neighbor's Girl Scout troop is leading (I hear we'll be reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and making some clothespin/coffee filter butterflies), then we have a birthday party and we'll round out the night with a little Farrow Street BBQ at our house!! :-) We better get some good rest tonight for our busy day tomorrow!

Love you guys!! :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Been A Week...

It's been a week since I last posted, so I thought I'd check in with everyone...

Everyone is still healthy (thank God), so maybe we're past the winter-time crud!! Wouldn't that be nice?!?!

On Monday the girls and I went up to the flight line to visit with Bryan and his classmates. Another wife and I were "volun-told" that we would be taking the class photo with the T-6. Tamara (the other wife) is an amazing photographer. Together, we got some good shots of the guys. Since we were all there, and had a T-6 parked just for us, we took some "couples" shots for everyone... Of course, we are the only ones with kids, so we did a family shot, too. Here are a few of the photos from that day:

We got to go have lunch yesterday with Bryan and the guys from his flight. The wives all made a potluck-style Italian lunch and took it to the flight room for them. Since we all contributed, we decided to stay and eat with them. The girls had a GREAT time!! In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I made a chocolate Guinness cake that was DELICIOUS!!! Everyone enjoyed it!! :-) Sorry, no photos from lunch!!

Today, the girls and I have just been hanging out. I let Amelia play in the ball pit with Maddy, and I think they had a great time together!! What do you think??

With it being Lent, I am trying really hard to include Maddy in the no meat on Fridays thing this year. I feel certain that she's too young to give anything up just yet, but as a family, we can abstain from meat one day out of the week. For lunch today, I decided to give fish sticks a try with Maddy. Guess what?!?! She LOVED them!! The ketchup helped, of course, but she ate almost everything on her plate!! :-) Yay for new options!!!

And, just for good measure, here's a photo of Amelia wishing she could have fish sticks, too!!

Tonight, we're having Supreme Bean Burritos... Since Bryan isn't Catholic, he doesn't technically have to abstain from meat... However, since Maddy is 2, I think it would be very difficult to explain why she and I are eating PB&J and Daddy gets to have a steak, so he is joining us this year... at least when he's at home. Rumor has it that there was a big, juicy burger in his future for lunch today!! ;-)

I think that's about it from us!! Hope to hear from all of you soon!!

Love you guys!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Silly Maddy

My crazy sleeper has struck again... TWICE this week!!!

On Tuesday, I found Maddy napping like this (can you find her??):

Then, today, here she is:

And if this is not Bryan's child, I don't know who is...

Not too much new going on with us... We're just ready for this weekend. There's a big St. Patrick's Day family-oriented party on base tomorrow evening that we are planning to attend. Other than that, we're just hanging out. The girls have been healthy for over a week now, so that's FABULOUS news!!! :-)

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!!

Love you guys!! :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today was a day of firsts for Amelia...

We'll start with the "first" that unfortunately has no photographic evidence...

A little background to start with: For the last couple of weeks, when we would go in to get Amelia out of her bed, she had rolled from her belly to her back. If we put her on the floor on her belly, though, she would just arch her back and cry until we picked her up or rolled her over. We knew that she could roll from her belly to her back, but she wouldn't do it if we were watching. That all changed today, though!! Amelia was laying on a blanket on the floor on her belly while Maddy and I were sitting next to her. I was doing Maddy's hair. As I looked over to make sure Amelia was still okay, I caught her at the end of her roll over!! I rolled her back to her belly, and she rolled back to her back. She did this several times!!! I DID put a video from my phone of it on Facebook, but I can't ever get those videos to load on here... So, YAY!! Mobility is beginning!!! :-) (Remind me of this excitement in a few months when she's getting into EVERYTHING, please!!)

Our other first is a 4 month go-ahead milestone. 4 months is when it is deemed acceptable to start feeding babies rice cereal. Since Amelia had her check up yesterday (more on that in a minute), and everything looked great, I bought a box of rice cereal today!! Tonight when we were finished with dinner, we put Amelia in the high chair and gave it a go... I must say that I think she enjoyed it even more than Maddy did at this age!!! The first time we tried it with Maddy, she didn't seem sold on the idea. She warmed up to it eventually, but it took a little time. Amelia was like a little bird. She just kept opening her mouth for more!! :-) Maddy even got in on the action and helped feed her!! Both girls did a GREAT job!!! Here are some photos!!

The very first bite. I believe her face says "What the heck are you about to do to me?!?!":

Are you sure about this?!?!:

Ok, this isn't so bad... More, please!!:

Big Sister Maddy helping!!:

Amelia's 4 month check up yesterday went great!! She weighs 15 pounds, 4 ounces and is 24.75 inches long!! That puts her in the 92nd percentile for her weight and the 58th percentile for her height!!! We have a perfectly healthy growing little girl!!! The doctor said she had no complaints about her development and said everything looks great!! She continues to hit her milestones just as she should!!

Amelia also has 2 teeth already!! I must say she's a little behind the power curve compared to Maddy who had 4 teeth at her 4 month check up, but the average baby doesn't start getting teeth until 6 months of age, so she's still ahead of the average kiddo!! :-)

I guess that's about it for now!! The girls are fast asleep, and we've had some long days and nights lately, so I think I'm going to get some sleep!! I hope you're all doing well!!

Love you guys!! :-)