Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Week Down...

We are one week closer to D-Day, as I like to call it. As of this past Friday, we are 6 weeks from Maddy's due date!!!! Check us out:

So far this weekend, we've been VERY productive!! All of the laundry has been washed, dried, folded and ironed. The house has been picked up and cleaned... Bryan finished the necessary touch-up work on Maddy's room... NOW, we can truly enjoy our day off tomorrow!! I hope that everyone has a good day off!! I think we're going to go shopping for some things for Maddy tomorrow. We have a list of items we still need to get before she is here... Hopefully, we'll knock some of those things out tomorrow!

Oh well... It's getting late, and we're pooped! Talk to you guys later!

Love you guys!! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So Much Has Happened...

...Since the last time I blogged...

On Wednesday, I had a rough start to my day at work, and the last thing I had to do (before picking my mom up at the airport) was attend a meeting at the other YMCA in town at noon. I hurried over there as to not be late. When I got there, we were supposed to meet in a particular office. When I got to the door of the office, there were pink and white streamers and balloons all over the place... They threw me a surprise shower!!! Wasn't that sweet?? Here are a couple of the pictures from the day:

After the shower, I headed to the airport to pick my mom up for her visit!!! Once she was here and in the car, I surprised her. I had to go watch a video on having an epidural, then go get my blood checked. Don't you know she was THRILLED?!?! HaHaHa. She's such a good sport!! She went with me and watched the video, then sat in the waiting room while I had my blood drawn.

Not too much else went on until Friday. Early Friday morning Bryan had to leave for a work trip. Late Friday afternoon Jenny, Bryan's mom, came into town. This WAS the weekend of the big shower that my friends Jess and Breezy threw for me. The three of us (me and "the moms") went out to dinner, then came home and chatted until bedtime. We got up Saturday morning in time to have some coffee and juice (coffee for them, juice for me) and a bagel, then got ready and headed to the shower.

The shower turned out GREAT!! I had a WONDERFUL time, and Maddy got lots of really great stuff!! I think this kiddo is just about set (for the first few weeks anyways)!! I don't have very many pictures because my mom and Jenny were helping me with giving the gifts to me to open and keeping track of who gave what, so they were unavailable to take pictures. My friend Jess took quite a few, though. I'll have to get her to e-mail hers to me! Here are a couple of the ones I have, though:

Lastly, I will leave you with this week's pregnancy pictures... Maddy is growing like CRAZY (and so am I)!!!

I hope that everyone has a great week! Bryan is in North Carolina this week. Please say a prayer that he makes it home safely on Thursday, as is planned!! :) Also, my mom has to return home on Tuesday... another prayer then would be GREAT!!! :)

Love you guys!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maternity Portraits

Good evening all... I just wanted to share a little bit of what's going on here with you. On Saturday morning, Bryan and I went and had maternity portraits taken. We went back yesterday and chose which ones we wanted printed. There were so many to choose from that we had a difficult time making our choices. While we were looking at the proofs, though, the photographer asked us to sign a waiver to publish some of the pictures on her website. I thought I'd share it with you. I will warn you that the site seems to take quite a long time to load, so if you get tired of waiting, I understand. I'll try to take some pictures of the ones we got printed once we have them and have them on the walls here.

The website is:

Once you are on the website, there are 5 pictures of us on there. The first one is on the third row in the middle. The second one is the 5th one down on the left-hand column. The two pictures directly below that are ours, and the very bottom row in the center is us again. The very last picture was one of our least favorites... for a myriad of reasons (the main one being the pose itself), but apparently the photographer liked it.

With all of that being said, click on the link, leave the room, grab a cup of coffee, maybe have a little snack, run some errands, etc., then go back and the page should be loaded. I hope you are able to see the pictures and enjoy them!

Love you guys!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

33 Weeks

Friday marked the completion of 32 weeks of the pregnancy. Maddy has developed enough that if something were to happen, and she decided to make her grand appearance, the doctors would let nature take it's course, and she'd be here to stay!! I'm very excited, a little nervous, but VERY excited!! Bryan and I have agreed that we both just want to know what she looks like. If the doctor wants to take her out so we can have a "peek", then put her back in, we'd be A-OK with that!! :)

As my mom mentioned, she'll be coming to visit on Wednesday. Bryan's mom will be here on Friday. They are both coming for the shower that my friends are throwing this coming weekend. Unfortunately, Bryan will be going out of town for work on Friday, and will not return until the following Thursday, so he and his mom will miss seeing each other... Bryan's mom will leave on Sunday, and MY mom will be here until Tuesday!!! I'm VERY excited at having some company... especially since Bryan will be gone for part of that time!

Yesterday morning, Bryan and I got up and had some maternity portraits taken. The girl who took them is close to our age and was GREAT!! We both had a really good time during the "shoot". I feel like she got some good shots. We go back tomorrow to see the proofs and make some decisions on what poses we want and what sizes of those poses we want. The girls that are throwing my shower have chosen this as their gift to us. I thought that was a pretty neat gift idea! I'll see if I can share some of the pictures with you guys after we get them.

Well... I guess that's about it for now... I'll leave you with this week's pictures:

Oh yeah... and yesterday after we took our pictures, we stopped and took pictures of some of the windmills that are near our house... Here's one of the pictures Bryan took:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

32 Weeks

Hi everyone!! We've passed yet another week... Here's what "we" look like today:

From the front:

From the side:

And in this one, I was looking down at Nash, but it looks like I'm looking at my belly:

Other than taking pictures, Bryan and I have been working hard this weekend. We got the house clean. Bryan got the sprinkler system up and running. Now we just have to get it programed. The laundry is done. Now, we are heading to our friends (Mike & Breezy)'s house for dinner...

Talk to everyone later!

Love you guys!! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The high chair came this afternoon!! We learned, after assembling it, that if we take the tray off, it will slide right under the edge of our table... just like a normal chair!!! That'll make it SUPER easy to get it "out of the way" when we need to!! How exciting?!?! Doesn't it look great?!?!

Thanks, again, Grandmom and Grandpop!! We LOVE it!! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Dresser's Here!

Yep!! The dresser got here today!! Check it out:

Bryan's parents made this purchase for us (or really, for Maddy)... The drawer on the top, right-hand side can be removed, and we can attach legs (sold separately) to make it a nightstand... to use later in life. Until then, the way it is set up now, it is intended to be used as a changing table. All we need to do now is get a changing pad to put on the top left-hand side. Then it is a combo dresser/changing table!! It's GREAT!! WE LOVE IT!!

Here it is with the crib:

Doesn't it look GREAT!! We think that Maddy will LOVE it!!

Just thought I'd update everyone!

Love you guys!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 31 Pictures

Hi Everyone! Friday marked 30 of 40 weeks. That means that we are 3/4 or 75% of the way to Maddy's due date!! Scary, huh?!?! She'll be here before we know it!! Here are today's pictures of us:

**Please note that my belly button is still an "innie"... This could change soon for us!!

And, no, the pants and shirt definitely DO NOT meet anymore!! Oh well... I suppose that's just part of it!! :)

Our only "adventure" today was taking Nash to Petsmart. He did fairly well. The last couple of times we've taken him, he didn't exactly "make his momma proud". As hard as it may be to believe, he's actually mellowing out a little. Bryan and I were thoroughly impressed with his behavior last night when we had company. There was a 4 year old little girl here, and he never once tried to jump on her. Granted, we tried to keep him tuckered out by throwing the ball for him constantly, but nonetheless, he didn't try to take food from people while they were eating, and, overall, he didn't seem like he really "bothered" anyone.

So, back to Petsmart... We are planning to do more training with him at Petsmart. You may remember that shortly after we moved here, we did some obedience training with him. Well, I think we've done all we can with what we learned there. We are planning to start the intermediate classes at Petsmart in a couple of weeks. It's an 8 week session, so we'll see how it goes. While we were there today, though, we let Nash choose a new toy... Check out his SHINY NEW RED BALL!!!

We were encouraging him to "leave it" while the photo was being taken. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to see the ball in his mouth... He has a BIG mouth, afterall!!

Oh well... I hope everyone had a good weekend, and has a good week!!

Love you guys!!

Thanks, one more time, for the surprise shower!! That was a GREAT way to start the weekend!!

Talk to you later! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shower Pictures

Hi Everyone! I have a few spare minutes to post some pictures from our end of the virtual shower... I hope you enjoy them!!!

This is us posing with the first gift... Which we LOVE!!! :) I also loved the little bloomers with Maddy's name on them, however, the one shot we got of us posing with those was TERRIBLE, so I won't be sharing that one!! :)

Bryan and I were posing with all the gifts, but he kept making silly faces. Breezy (one of our friends who was here) took this one as I was giving Bryan "the look"... Sorry we didn't get a better one!! :)

There's Jimmy!!!

Maddy will be dry and warm once we wrap her up in this after bath time!! :)

There's MJ!! That was a nice surprise!!!

We really did watch the DVD intently!! :) I believe that's Grandmom and Grandpop's gift we're opening... I LOVED the "running"shoes!! I don't expect her to run any time soon... nor do I hope for that, but she'll be stylin' and profilin' in those!! :)

There they are!!!

Bryan LOVED the cigars!! He is still talking about them today. We also loved the "That 70's Show" portion of the shower. We laughed A LOT!!

Nash had to get in on the action, too. The shower wouldn't have been complete if he wasn't there!! :) Thanks for including him! HaHaHa...

Sleepers... Which I hear are THE way to go!!!

Uncle Dennis and Aunt Doreen were there, too!!! Thanks for hosting, Aunt Do!! :)

Dirty diaper sacks... They're smelly... Notsomuch in a bad way, though!! :)

I was REALLY excited about these!!!! I only hope she'll keep them on!!! I think they're GREAT!!!!! Thanks, Chris & April!! :)

This'll keep her warm and cozy. Thank you Uncle Jim and Aunt Sue!!

The blanket from Grandmother and Grandfather... Much like the ones Chris and I had when we were babies!!

And Mom & Dad were there... Hi Guys!!

Maddy's bedding... Now I guess her mom and dad need to hurry up and get her a mattress!! :)

This is Maddy's "little black dress"!!!

Dad modeling Maddy's "Does this make my diaper look big" onesie!! You can always count on him for a good chuckle!! :)

Another warm blanket for Maddy. She's got all kinds of folks that love her and want to keep her warm!!

We LOVED the Baby Head Song!! We laughed A LOT during this part, too!!!

Thank you, everyone, for "coming" to our shower!!! We had a BLAST!!!

Here are all of Maddy's new goodies laid out on display... That is, until she gets a mattress!!

Love you guys!!!

Just Wanted To Say...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got the virtual shower last night around 8 PM, and had a BLAST doing it!!!! A couple of my friends came over (Bryan knew what was going on) to join us. We all had a GREAT time!! We took some pictures as we watched the DVD which I will post either later today or tomorrow. It was pretty late by the time we wrapped everything up (or unwrapped it as the case may be), so I wasn't able to send my thanks last night. We are having a BBQ today, so once I get things squared away for that, I will post the pictures... That's our part in returning the interaction of the shower!! Thank you, again!! I was thoroughly surprised, and LOVED every minute of it!!!!! :) You guys are the BEST!!!

Love you guys!! :)