Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Been A While...

It's been a while since I last blogged, so I thought I'd check in. We have been super busy trying to get settled in our new house. We absolutely LOVE our new house!! We are about 95% settled. Just a few more photos to hang, and a little more work in the garage (so my car will fit), and we'll be back to normal!! :-)

The girls are doing well. For Lent this year, I "gave up" Maddy's nap time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During this time, we are doing some school stuff. So far, we've learned about the letters "M", "A", and "D". Maddy is LOVING this one-on-one time!! She can even write the letters "M" and "A" all on her own now. She is so proud when she does it, too!! It makes me so excited for her when she writes the letters all on her own. The "D" is a little tough, but she's still working on it!! This week we're going to give the letter "Y" a try. My goal is to have her be able to write her name first. Thanks to Pinterest, I've found quite a few activities that we can do during our school time. I plan to try a few new ones this week!!

This past week we checked out the story time at the library here. They read 2 books, had an activity for the kids between the books and a craft at the end. It was a little long for Amelia's attention span, but both of the girls seemed to really enjoy the time!! Last week's theme was Dr. Seuss. This week's theme will be St. Patrick's Day. Maddy is already talking about it!! :-)

Amelia is learning new words every day. Her favorite, however, is "no". Sometimes she says it with a cute little smirk on her face, and others she shouts it... Like when Maddy takes a toy from her!! She's really coming into her own lately. I'm loving her little personality that's coming out!!

I have taken on a new project for Easter gifts for the girls. This is likely to take up quite a bit of my time in the coming weeks, but I am hopeful that the end result will be worth all the effort. I am making "Busy Books" for the girls. If you are unfamiliar with what these are, you can google them, but they are basically a soft, sewn book that has activities on each page... Think: learning how to use a zipper, snaps, velcro, matching things, dressing a felt doll with felt clothes, etc. The idea is that they are quiet books to use at church, etc. I am still in the planning stages but am very excited to see the finished product!! If I can keep my act together, I'll take some photos along the way, so you can see the progress!! Let's not hold out too much hope on that, however. I didn't sleep last night because my brain was going 90 to nothing thinking about these books!! HaHaHa.

Bryan has gotten a job at work, since his training doesn't begin until May. He is happy to have some structure back in his life!! He is working in the International Student Affairs office on base. He has already met some really neat people who are here for training. He has also taken the first steps to completing his master's degree!! Woo Hoo!! I say that knowing that I won't be the one writing millions of papers. LoL. Obtaining his Master's is a necessary evil if he hopes to continue with his promotions at work, so here goes nothing!! :-)

Nash is thrilled with our new home. He likes his new yard. We bought a few new rugs for the house (the living room is hardwood). One of the new rugs is in front of the sink in the kitchen, and he really likes laying on that one!! I feel differently about his new-found "spot" since that's right in the middle of my work space in the kitchen, but if he's happy, I can work around him!! :-)

I guess that catches us up on everyone. I hope to blog again soon, but only time will tell if I remember to!! Maybe next time I'll have some photos of the girls!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and the week ahead is nothing but fantastic!!

Love you guys!!