Monday, September 29, 2008

Doctor Update

Good evening everyone! As promised, here's my update on the doctor's appointment...

...Still waiting??...

... Yeah... That's what I have to report... NOTHING. We went, and she checked everything and said that things still look good, but no real progress towards D-Day has occurred. I suppose that the important news is that Maddy seems to be doing very well. Her heartbeat is still strong. She's still head down. She's moving like a crazy lady. Yep... other than that, there's nothing else to report. We have another appointment for next Monday afternoon. We'll see what I can report then!

On to other news... Bryan and I had tacos for dinner (yep, now that I'm not working, you can have our evening menu reports again!!). Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary. This one is special for several reasons. First, it's our second one. Second, it's our first one TOGETHER (sort of). Third, it's our last one as just the two of us. I say "sort of" to the second portion of that because he'll be in town, but he has to fly tomorrow night. At least I'm not working anymore, so we can spend most of the day together, and go out to a "nice lunch" together. LoL. It's a DEFINITE improvement over last year, though!! We have decided on a nice gift for ourselves. I'll post pictures once we make the purchase, but we're going to get a flat panel TV for our bedroom. We have a 19" tube TV that sometimes randomly turns off. We're also not 100% sure if it'll still work without a converter box after the big switch to digital cable in February. We're working on slowly replacing TV's in our house... hopefully before February.

Well, that's about it. We went for a walk tonight in hopes of persuading Miss Maddy to make her grand entrance... at least on time!! Although, her momma is late often, so if she DID come late, she'd just be following in my footsteps. LoL.

I hope everyone had a good start to their week... and continue to have a good week!

Love you guys!! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're Still Here...

Good Sunday evening everyone! This has been a BUSY BUSY weekend for us.

Friday night Bryan, our friend Angela and I went to dinner and the movies. We went to this little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant by our house that none of us had ever tried. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. After that, we headed to the movies. We saw "My Best Friend's Girl". It was not a movie that I would HIGHLY recommend. It was pretty good, but it was just about as crude as a movie can get before I'm offended. There were actually 4 people sitting a few rows in front of us that got up and left about half-way through. Mom, I can tell you, for sure, that you won't be a big fan of this movie. The premise of the movie was good... Just the way they got the story out there was pretty crude. One of the main characters was a guy who gets hired by other guys to date their girlfriends and act like a total jerk so the girls will realize what a nice guy they had before, and, in theory, go back to the original guy. Cute storyline, but the guy went to the extreme of being a total jerk. If anyone else decides to take a gander at the movie, I'd love to hear what you think!!

So, that was Friday night. Yesterday, we got up and went to the E's vs. O's football game for Bryan's squadron. This is an annual event where the enlisted guys play the officers from the squadron. It was a pretty good time, but it was HOTT. We took Nash with us, and we got to see a friend who had her baby last week, so that was fun too. After the game, we went and got burritos from a little local place and took them back to base to eat at a picnic table (I suppose you could say that we went on a picnic). Once we were finished eating, we took a short walk on base then headed to Nash's class. By this time, Nash was burning up and worn out, so he was good as gold at his class. This week was week 7 of 8, and Nash did well again. After the class, we all came home and rested for a little while. I took a little snooze because I knew we had a long night ahead of us. Last night, to go along with the E's vs. O's football game, the squadron had a homecoming dance. The theme was "Enchantment Under the Sea", and everyone was supposed to dress however they would have for their own High School homecoming dance. I had a different situation on my hands, seeing as how I was NOT pregnant at my high school homecoming dance, but I made the best of it. I found a dress in my closet that was stretchy, and wore that. I think that without even meaning to I was one of the highlights of the night. :) Everyone kept chuckling about the pregnant girl at the homecoming dance. I did some dancing in hopes of speeding this whole "going into labor" thing up, but to no avail. I am still pregnant today.

I can tell that we're getting closer to D-Day. I've had some new feelings/pains, but still nothing worthy of going to the hospital. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. I hope that she tells me that we've made more progress since last week. I am trying to not get my hopes up, but it's difficult not to. I want what's best for Maddy, obviously, but my curiousity is getting the best of me... not to mention that I know it won't be a day at the beach when the day comes, so I'm just ready for that part to be overwith.

In closing, I'd like to leave you with this week's pictures... Maybe the last week?!?! Who knows?!?! Only time will tell...

I believe this is the part where Bryan would want me to point out that the "turkey timer" shows that she's almost done. My poor little belly button is poking out almost all the way now. I think that means it's just about time!! :)

I hope everyone has a GREAT week. I'll try to blog more now that I'm not working anymore... Love you guys!! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Official!!!!

Hi Everyone!! Today was the official LAST DAY of work for me!!! Miss Maddy can come ANY day now!!! I had a pretty good last day. I feel good about leaving the YMCA's finances in Cory's hands. I think she's going to do a GREAT job!! I think I did a pretty good job while I was there, but Cory, hands down, has SO much more experience than I do. I think this will be a good change for the Y!!

As my last official duty, I had to do some performance evaluations. We all remember Kathy, right?!?! Well, she got a little emotional on me today. She was pleased, I think, with her evaluation, but when it was time for the evaluation to be over, and for her to leave my office, she started crying. She told me that she really liked me and thought of me as a sister. I actually felt a little bad leaving her. I felt even worse that I didn't cry WITH her. I just have such a different feeling right now about me leaving the Y. LoL. Oh well. I guess if nothing else, I should feel good that I made a difference in someone's life, right?!?! :)

Moving on a little, I went to my last childbirthing class last night. This one was just for the Mom's, so Bryan stayed home. When I got home, he put together the swing that my good friend Gina bought for us and had sent to our house this week. I LOVE IT!! It's a 3-in-1 swing. That means that it can be a swing:

Or an infant seat (which we could use to feed her, or just to put her in there if we need both hands, and need her to be "contained"...):

And it goes all the way up to a toddler rocking chair:

I thought this swing was SO neat when I found it!!! I was THRILLED when it showed up at our front door the other day!!! I think we'll get several years of use out of it. Not to mention, it converts VERY easily, so we can use it, in the event that we have 2 children, at the same time to keep everyone happy. :) So, THANK YOU Gina and Randy (and baby Landon)!!!

Well, I guess that's about all I have for now!! I hope to take the next few days/weeks to relax and get the house picked up and cleaned really well before Miss Maddy gets here. I am so excited about all the company we're getting ready to have... even though they aren't really coming to see ME!! HaHaHa!!

Love you guys!!

Have a GREAT weekend!! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


There are several things I'd like to make mention of today...

HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY to Chris and April!! I'm so excited for you guys! It doesn't even feel like 4 years (at least to me it doesn't... you may feel differently. LoL!)

Today's doctor visit went better than the last one... We have actually made a little progress towards D-Day. While it isn't MAJOR progress, something is better than nothing! The doctor also told me that she will not let us go past 1 week overdue before she induces labor. That being said, we know that Maddy will be here by October 17!!! The surprise factor is still there, but at least this way the surprise won't be that it's Thanksgiving and she's still not here. :) She also felt Maddy through my belly and told me that she believes her to be between 7 and 7.5 pounds already!! That scares me a little because everything you read says that at this stage of the game, the baby will gain 1/2 an ounce EVERYDAY. That means that between now and the due date, we're looking at about another pound!!! WHOA BABY!! She asked if either of us were big babies, and I told her that Bryan's mom told me that he was 9 pounds when he was born. The doctor looked at Bryan and told him that this was his fault. LoL. I thought that was pretty funny! She had a hard time tracking down the heartbeat because Maddy was moving around so much. She would find it, then Maddy would move, so she'd have to search again. It was pretty funny. Our next appointment is next Monday afternoon, so hopefully we'll have MORE good news next week!!

Yesterday I picked up the diaper bag that I had monogrammed last week. I took this one in to get monogrammed the day that I received the package from my college friends with the ADORABLE diaper bag they sent. Now I have 2 to choose from (well, 3 if you count the boring one the hospital gave us at our childbirthing class...) Here's a picture of the one I had monogrammed:

I finally put together the Pack 'n' Play that my mom's friend Donna got for us. It was a BUGGER to put together, but it's done now, so I can rest easy. It, however, will reside in the living room until Bryan can help me. I got it all put together, then realized that it wouldn't fit through the doorway of Maddy's room. Since it was such a big job, I plan to leave it assembled until he gets a chance to look at it. Then, we'll fold it up to put it away. Isn't it cute??

Well, I think that just about covers it for tonight. Bryan is flying, but will be home later tonight. He told me what phone number I can call if I need him. If I call the number, they will contact him on the plane, land the plane and send him home. I feel much better knowing that I can get in touch with him if need be. I'm sure we'll be fine tonight though, so don't worry...

I hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

Love you guys!! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 Birds...

...1 Stone...

I am going to kill 2 birds with one stone with this blog.

(1) Here are this week's pictures... Maddy and I are still rockin' right along. We have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday this week, so hopefully we'll have something to report.

(2) In response to my mom's blog... My BEST childhood memory is... Drumroll, please....

...moving Chris into his dorm at Ole Miss. While this may sound like a sad time, and don't get me wrong, I was definitely sad when we left him, BUT... We drove down to Oxford the night before we were to move him into his dorm, and stayed the night in a hotel. The hotel was AWFUL!! It was dirty, scuzzy, run down... Ok, you get the picture. It certainly WAS NOT the Hilton by ANY means. While, again, this may sound like a terrible experience, we had such a GREAT time that night!! Since we got one room, and there were 2 full size beds, Chris and I had to share a bed. Again, another, "down-side" to this trip, but he and I made the best of it, and actually got in trouble for laughing and goofing off too much that night. I guess the moral of this story is that even when our family was faced with some less-than-desireable conditions, we always made the best of them!! I LOVE MY FAMILY, and I wish that I didn't live so far away from them now!! I miss you guys! I hope that Bryan and I can give Maddy a childhood full of great memories, and I hope that our family continues to make good memories through the years and over the miles that separate us!!!

Love you guys!!

Talk to you later! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

And the Surprises Just Keep on Coming!!!!

On Saturday afternoon, I had a note in my mailbox from the post office that they attempted to deliver 2 packages, but I wasn't home, so they didn't leave them. So, today I left work about 30 minutes early to head to the post office to see what surprise awaited me!!

I gave the "friendly" postal worker my little orange slip of paper stating that there were 2 packages there waiting for me, and he went "into the back" to get them. Upon looking at the address label, I noticed that there were FOUR senders... and it was a surprise "shower in a box" from some of my friends from college!!!! Catherine, Tina, Beth and Tara (who now all live in various places, most, but not all, in Kentucky) got together somehow and put together this "shower in a box" for Ms. Maddy!!

The first box contained items from each of the girls (and their respective spouses)...

I'll show you what was in Box 1, if you'd like!! :)

This is the invitation to the shower!! :)

This is a shot of all the goodies!!

These are the much-needed long-sleeved onesies from Beth!!

These are the onesies that Catherine made for Maddy... Again, long-sleeved!! :)

This is an ADORABLE wall hanging that Tara made... and in JUST the right colors, too!!! :)

And these are the cute bibs and sleeper that Tina sent for Maddy!!!

Next came Box 2... This was a box of gifts collectively from all the girls... Mostly things from our registry... Wanna see what was in it?!?! I KNOW YOU DO!!!

These are all the items displayed...

This is, clockwise from the top:
* A dishwasher caddy to put bottle pieces, pacifiers, etc. in...
* White fitted crib sheets (you can never have too many)
* Letters and numbers for in the bathtub
* At the very bottom is a 5-pack of onesies
* A 3-pack of bibs with VERY cute sayings on them

Again, clockwise from the top is:
* A Baby Einstein DVD
* 2 pairs of pink pants (how adorable?!?!)
* A rattle that can clip onto her carseat handle or somewhere else to entertain her
* And a Halloween bib that says "Guess whooooo's 1st Halloween?" And has a picture of an owl on it...

Finally, here are the last couple of items:
* My FAVORITE is the diaper bag!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It's even got her name monogrammed on it!!!
* 2 pacifiers
* and a hooded towel. I feel pretty certain that we can not have too many of these!!

So, I've now had 4 baby showers... only ONE of which I knew was going to happen!! Thank you, Kentucky ladies for the surprise!! I LOVE all of the fun stuff you sent for Maddy!! Now, who is going to come visit and help me do laundry?!?! HaHaHa! Just kidding!! You ladies are GREAT!!

Love you guys!! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

37 Weeks

Well, everyone, after my LONG night last night, I'm still alive!! :) Today was spent resting, for the most part.

Yesterday was my friend Jessica's bridal shower. My other friend, Breezy, and I threw the shower at a historic home here in Abilene, The Swenson House. We had a VERY nice time. Breezy and I provided all the food. This is the first time that either of us have put something on like this including all the food. Jessica and Breezy are the girls that threw my shower here a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few pictures from the day... with captions to follow:

This is the table with all the food on it... Well, all the food except for the hot food (it was still warming at this point)...

This is the cake that Breezy and I made. It was definitely a stretch on our abilities, but I think that overall, it turned out pretty good!! The pictures on the table are a couple of Jessica and Lou's engagement pictures.

The shower had a kitchen theme since Jessica likes to bake so much. With that being said, instead of a guest book, we had each of the guests trace the outline of her hand, and on each finger she was to write the 5 ingredients for a happy marriage. Now that everyone has done this, Jessica can put them on her apron, so that is the white apron and all the pink pieces of fabric for people to write on.

These are the prizes for the games, and the favors for the guests. The prizes all had a kitchen theme, too (utensils, etc.). The favors were jars of ingredients to make different types of cookies. Then, each of the jars have instructions on what the person will need to add and how to cook them to finish the cookies.

This is Jessica testing out the punch. I must add here that I got LOTS of compliments on the food AND the punch. I've never made punch before, but this was SUPER easy and VERY tasty!!! :)

This is Jessica standing on the staircase that leads to the upstairs of the Swenson House. I thought this almost looked like a portrait with a fake background...

This is another "artsy" picture of Jessica. This 3-way mirror is in one of the bedrooms of the Swenson House

This is the "guess the spices" game. We had 10 different spices in numbered coffee filters, and everyone had to guess what they thought each spice was. Surprisingly, the girl that won this game is 11 weeks pregnant and wasn't able to make a guess on every spice because the smells were making her sick. Crazy how that happened!! :)

While Jessica opened her presents, we had a foam crown with some tulle on the back for her to wear. We also made her necklace and bracelet out of some cake decorating items. She continued to wear the "accessories" while she cut the cake!!!

All in all we had a WONDERFUL time!!!

Now that you know what I did this weekend, and about how I couldn't sleep last night (see my previous blog if you don't know what I'm talking about), I'll show you the glider that Bryan's grandmother purchased for us:

It's very nice, and I anticipate spending LOTS of time in it!! :)

Finally, I'll leave you with this week's pictures of Maddy and me:

Last, but not least, I'd like to show you last week's side profile (on the left) as compared to this week's side profile (on the right). I definitely think I've grown in just the last week...

I hope that everyone has a GREAT week!! No doctor's appointments for this week, but if anything were to change, I'll definitely let you know!

Love you guys!! :)

Isn't It Funny...

...How God prepares you for major life changes?

It is currently 4:25 AM, and due to a mild case of heartburn, a stopped up nose, and a myriad of other minor symptoms (unfortunately no contractions), I needed to get up. Fun times, huh?!?!

I thought that rather than calling all of you, I'd just share this "good" news with you in a blog! :) I am SURE that God is only preparing me for what's to come. Maddy has absolutely NO problem with us being up at this hour! She was moving and squirming for a little while as I was tossing and turning. Now that I have gotten up and moved around a little, all is quiet again. Something tells me that if she was already here, I would be up anyway right now! :)

I am getting excited about Maddy's arrival, however, times like these make me wonder how I will ever handle this. I hope to get back to sleep in a little bit, and maybe even sleep in. Bryan and I tried to watch a movie last night, but at 8:00, I was down for the count. By 8:30, Bryan had turned off the TV suggesting that we just go to bed. Unfortunately, that woke me up a bit, so it was a couple of hours after that before I REALLY fell asleep.

I'm a nervous wreck about "D-Day", but I'm also VERY excited!! I've still not had any really promising signs that she'll be here soon, which is a little disappointing, but we're still 4 weeks out from her expected date of arrival, and I've been assured by several friends and family that once things start moving along (contractions, etc.) there's always the chance that it'll happen VERY quickly. I have also been reminded many times that the first child often comes late. Ms. Maddy will be here in her own good time. I am aware of this... just a little anxious!

Ok, well, while I'm still not quite ready to try to go back to sleep yet, I think I'll end this and maybe get a small glass of water (maybe pizza last night for dinner WASN'T the best idea ever... heartburn and thirst...)

Talk to you later!! :)

Love you guys!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, so I know that I said I'd blog after my doctor's appointment on Monday, but, to be honest, not too much happened, so I didn't really have much to say. No progress has been made towards delivery, although I was told that "we're getting close" to progress being made. I think I know what that means, and I think it's good news, but it wasn't the news I was expecting. Oh well... As my dad would say, "it is what it is...". No worries, though. I have full confidence that Maddy will be here before her 12th birthday. LoL. No, really, she can't stay in there forever, so I'm sure she'll be here whenever she's good and ready!! :)

I, also, have decided that she is going to come out with an afro and bell bottom jeans. When she moves now (which is OFTEN), it feels like the lava in a lava lamp looks... Who knows?!?! Maybe she'll be SUPER laid back. Not sure who that trait would have come from as neither Bryan nor I are SUPER laid back. Bryan is pretty laid back, but not THAT much.

To totally change the subject...

As it's been previously mentioned in a couple of other blogs, tomorrow is September 11th. This is a day that my generation will always remember as well. This is the first day in the history of my life that seems to deserve the "where were you when you found out" question. None of us were around for any of the other major events in American history. While that is a neat thing to be able to say, "I know that I was in XX place when I found out", I sure hope that none of us EVER experience this again. September 11th was a very eerie day. I know I will never forget the events of that day, and the uncertainty and nervousness I felt about what was happening in our country. I'm proud to say that I, while it may be indirect, am playing a small role in protecting the freedom of our country. More-so Bryan is the one that is playing the larger role of protection so that you and I can be here in our comfy homes and comfy beds every day and night. For that, I thank him and the other soldiers. I also thank those of you that have written blogs commenting on our soldiers... whether it was a recent blog or one from previous months. Your support helps the soldiers and their families make it through things like deployments. Ok... now I'm just rambling.

Back to Maddy... My next appointment will be 2 weeks from the last one, so not this coming Monday, but the next one. I know I'll probably blog on Sunday with some updated pictures, then again the following Sunday (all before the doctor's appointment), so, for now, I suppose the best I can do is just tell everyone to assume that no news is good news at this point!! Keep Maddy in your prayers, though. She's a movin' and a shakin' (not so much in the literal sense... we don't want to hurt her), but we all know that things can change VERY quickly with a fragile little life! :)

Oh, wait! One more little story. Last night my very good friend from college, Leslie, called to talk with me about her plans to come visit us in November. While we were talking, she suggested that she and I go out on the Saturday night that she's here. She told me that she wanted to go out... just the two of us... and leave Maddy home with Bryan. I agreed, but she asked that I talk to Bryan about it first. So, later on last night I talked with Bryan about it, and told him that while she is here, we'd like to go out... just the 2 of us. I asked if that was okay with him. He told me that was fine, but gave me a funny look as if to ask "why are you asking my permission??". I reminded him that if Leslie and I go out to dinner, he will have to BABYSIT. He got a funny little smirk on his face, and had a bit of an "ah-ha" moment. It was a pretty cute moment we had. LoL. I think maybe it's starting to set in with him. LoL.

Ok, now I think I'll REALLY let everyone go. Not too sure why I got so wordy tonight, but... I DID! :)

Talk to you later!!

Love you guys!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Week... "New" Pictures...

Good Sunday evening everyone! This weekend has just FLOWN by. We've had a good weekend, but it's hard to believe that it's over already!!

Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends to Abuelo's... Mom, you can tell me all about your Spud Maxes from McAlisters, but this is my turn to tell you all about my AMAZING enchiladas from Abuelos!!! :) The meal was GREAT, and the company wasn't half bad either!

Saturday, Bryan and I got up (after sleeping in) and did a few chores around the house. Shortly after the chores were finished, it was time to take Nash to his obedience class. Once again, he did well. He sure knows how to make his momma proud!!! After we were back home, we did a few more little things around the house, then went to a friend's house for a BBQ. The food was good, and, again, the company was nice as well!! After leaving their house, we went and did our grocery shopping. Once we got home again, our friends Mike and Breezy came over for a little while to socialize. We always love having them over to chat. I'm going to miss that when they both deploy in the not so distant future.

Today, we slept in again (hey, we have to do it while we still have the chance!!). As soon as I got up, I remembered that some of the girls from the squadron had invited me to go with them to get pedicures. I felt a little guilty for going, but Bryan told me that I deserved to go, so I went. Now, I have pretty toes!! After the pedicure, Breezy and I went shopping for some of the necessary supplies for Jess's bridal shower next weekend (Aunt Do, I'm stealing a few of your ideas... I hope you don't mind). After getting home from shopping, Bryan and I made dinner (he grilled chicken, and I did some pasta [it turned out okay w/ no milk, Mom] and veggies. We sat outside to eat (mostly because I didn't feel like clearing off the kitchen table), and enjoyed our dinner. Finally, we took my weekly picture (I'll post it at the end), then went for a walk. I am really starting to struggle with any lengthy time of exercise. We only made it through about half of the neighborhood, and at a slow pace at that... Bryan and Nash were patient with me (Bryan more-so than Nash) and kept with MY pace. Now, we're just sitting here watching a little TV, winding down from the weekend...

I guess I COULD also catch you up on LAST week... Last week was the first week that my replacement at work was there. We got several things accomplished last week, and she is picking up very quickly... THANKFULLY!! Thursday was our first childbirthing class. Bryan got a little freaked out, and told me at the end of class that I was on my own from here on out. I'm glad he was only teasing!!! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope she has good news that we've already made a little bit of progress. This past Friday marked 35 of 40 weeks. We now have less than 5 weeks to go!! I'm not completely miserable, and I, of course, want what's best for Maddy, but my curiousity is getting the best of me... I just want to get to meet her!! Oh well... I guess that's about it from the Texas folks... I'll try to make some time to blog tomorrow night... especially if the doctor has any sort of news for us!!

Have a GREAT week!!

Here are this week's pictures:

This is Maddy and Mommy from the front this week...

This is Maddy and Mommy from the side this week...

This is Maddy and Mommy from the side LAST week... Do we think Maddy has dropped any?? I've had some symptoms that would imply that this has happened, but I am just not 100% sure... After looking at the pictures, I think maybe she has just a little, but not a lot yet... Any thoughts from anyone???

Love you guys!! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is just a quick note to wish my parents a VERY HAPPY 31st Anniversary!!!

How's that for an "oldie but a goodie"?!?! That was Easter 2003... Can you believe how much has changed in 5 1/2 years?!?!

Love you guys! I hope you had a good dinner at Bonefish!! :)