Monday, June 27, 2011

Grandmom Came To Visit!!!

We had such a great time with Grandmom here visiting!! The girls had a little photoshoot with her... Here are the results of wrangling a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 month old who just learned to crawl... Enjoy!! :-)

I believe Amelia is saying, "Maddy just walked in front of the camera AGAIN!! Ugh!!" LoL.

Check out the concentration tongue:

"Please don't hit me... Please don't hit me... Please don't hit me..."

We had a great time, and are so thankful that she was able to visit us!! I hope it's not another 6 months before we see her again!!! :-)

Hope everyone's week has gotten off to a good start!! Love you guys!! :-)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Month?!?!

Has it really been almost a month since my last post?? I'm so very sorry to both of my faithful readers!! LoL...

I don't have any fun photos to share at the moment... Just wanted to check in...

It looks like I'll have plenty of hours ahead of me to catch up on blogging... The girls have both come down with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease... It's going around on base here, and lots of our friends have it, too. Amelia woke up Tuesday morning with a really high fever and was upset all day... She sounded like she was in quite a bit of pain, so I took her to the doctor and her diagnosis was confirmed... We've been washing hands like crazy and Lysoling everything in the house. She seems to be feeling quite a bit better, but now has a rash over most of her body. Fast forward to today. Maddy was whining all day. I looked in her throat and didn't see anything wrong... Just before dinner, however, she laid on the living room floor and fell asleep. We woke her up for dinner, but she said that her mouth hurt and didn't want to eat. I felt her head, and she felt warm. I took her temperature and sure enough, she has a fever! From what I've read online, the symptoms only last about a week, but it is still contagious for a couple of weeks after the symptoms are gone. :-/ That being said, we're pretty much quarantined for a couple of weeks...

On a MUCH more positive note, my mom is heading this way TOMORROW!!! I couldn't be more excited!! I wish the kids were well, so we could do all the fun things we had planned, but I know we'll still have fun!!

I mostly just wanted to let everyone know that we're still alive and kicking. Bryan started class this past Friday and seems to be enjoying it so far. He's been able to come home and have lunch with us every day which is REALLY nice, and he's home well before dinner time every night!! This is SO MUCH BETTER than the first part of pilot training!!! :-)

I guess that's about it for now... Amelia is up and fussing in her bed. I better go check and make sure she's ok!!

Love you guys!! :-)