Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Official!!

Just a quick note with a couple of pictures to share this news with you:

Yep... There is a For Sale sign in our front yard!! Here's hoping this sign is accompanied by a "SOLD" sign in the near future!!

Have a great end to your week!

Love you guys!! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photography Lesson 5 - On-Site

Hey everyone! Today I had my 5th photography lesson. Normally I do not post any pictures until after I show them to Olivia, but tonight, I'm just too stinkin' excited NOT to share them with everyone!!! Today was our on-site lesson meaning we went a couple of different places outside to take some photos. The best part about today? Maddy was the subject!!! (A pretty dang cute subject, if you ask me!!) Well, I'll let YOU be the judge of the cute-ness... Here goes:

Obviously, I didn't take this picture, but I liked it so much, and I don't think Olivia will mind that I posted it on here... (Thanks, Olivia!!)

I hope everyone enjoyed our little photo shoot!! Maddy had a GREAT time!!

Talk to everyone soon!

Love you guys!! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sidewalk Chalk

The Easter bunny brought Maddy some egg-shaped sidewalk chalk. We decided to give it a go tonight. Maddy thoroughly enjoyed the artistic freedom it allowed her... Who needs to be confined to one lousy piece of paper when you can have the whole driveway to express yourself?!?! HaHaHa. Here are the pictures, and one short video from our adventure with sidewalk chalk:

The Chalk...

What to draw... What to draw...

Ah ha! I've got it!

Happy Camper...

Show us your muscles!!

Did you ever wonder what a toddler's chalk outline looks like? Squirmy!!

Looks like she drew it, doesn't it? I mean, why, yes, my child genius drew this!! ;)

What do you hear?!?!

AIRPLANE!!! (Thank goodness we live on the final approach for the airport... It'll be even better when we live on base in Del Rio!!)

Happy kid... These are her 2 new favorite words. I suppose it could be worse, but by the time you've heard them for the 1,000,000th time for the day, you're ready for the her vocabulary to expand... Just a little!! ;)

We had so much fun outside, but she told me two times that she was "all done", so I packed up the chalk and headed inside. What happened next is beyond my comprehension...

Please note the red face and the angry clenched fist...

...And the reaching with all her might for the door handle...

Yep... She cried for about 20 minutes. Apparently, my pregnancy-induced indecisiveness has rubbed off on her...

Once she saw that the Wonder Pets were on TV, and she got her cup of milk, she calmed down. Terrible two temper tantrums, here we come!!! :)

I hope everyone has a good night. I'm going to go lay down and read. I just got 2 new books in the mail yesterday (thanks, Mom), and I started one last night. It's really good, and one of those "I don't want to put it down" kind of books, so why am I still rambling on here?!?!

Talk to you later!

Love you guys!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Third Installment...

... of our Easter weekend...

Here are the last pictures of our Easter weekend. I forgot when I posted the self portraits earlier to post these pictures of Maddy first thing this morning checking out what the Easter Bunny brought for her:

Some Yogurt Melts, Lil Crunchies, Sidewalk Chalk (in the shape of Easter eggs), and a VERY COOL Magna-Doodle...

After our fantastic Easter dinner with our friends, we came home and the Easter Bunny had come BACK!! This time he left some eggs for Maddy to "hunt". She really enjoyed this part of the day, too!! :)

Poor Maddy didn't understand that there are a finite number of eggs for an egg hunt. She kept asking for more. HaHaHa...

Oh boy! Reeces' Peanut Butter Cups inside!!! The Easter Bunny is THE BEST!!

Well, I think that should cover our weekend. Sorry it was so scattered, but, it is what it is!! :)


Love you guys!! :)

Easter... Part Deux...

Here are a few of the "self portraits" Maddy took of us this morning. I let her have the remote for the camera (as I knew there was a better chance she'd sit still). LoL. She had fun. These may not be professional quality, but they're some fun memories!! Enjoy! :)

Check out this artistic picture... Dog in front in focus... Maddy and Mommy in back out of focus...

No need to hide the remote... She was having FUN!!

And... That's a wrap, folks!!

We would like to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY EASTER!! We're on our way to a friend's house for some Easter celebratin'!! That's how we do things in Texas!!

Love you guys!! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Party!!!

Today was the Easter Party for the two C-130 squadrons on base, and the families, of course. It was a little chilly and windy, but far from COLD. They had a bounce house and it was a potluck lunch. Poor Maddy was DYING to get in the bouncy house, but the boys in there were playing ROUGH, so she never got a turn. I think she'll survive, though. The 2 highlights of the day were the egg hunt and getting her picture taken with the Easter bunny. Here are a couple of pictures from the day...

Preparing for the hunt:

Found one!!

I have two now... What to do?? Running out of hands here Mom!!

The basket doubles as a purse when you're Maddy...

Yes, the Easter Bunny looks a little scary, but he is actually a friend of the real Easter Bunny who was booked at a seemingly more important event today...

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our day. Maddy had a great time. We're going to spend the afternoon with some friends to celebrate tomorrow. :) I also have an "in" with the Easter Bunny and he promised me that Maddy wouldn't be disappointed in the morning!! :)

Happy Easter everyone!

Love you guys!!