Friday, August 28, 2009

Has It Been A Week Already?!?!

Well, I took some pictures of our Saturday morning breakfast (last weekend) and had intended to blog about it. I guess this post is better late than never. Here's a run-down of our Saturday morning breakfast...

We made Beignets!!! (Authentic Cafe Du Monde Beignets, at that!!)

Here, Bryan's preparing to roll out the dough:

Here, Bryan is rolling out the dough:

And, dropping them into the oil to fry them:

A little powdered sugar to top them off:

Maddy wasn't too sure about the first bite, but I assure you that she was in HEAVEN after this bite!!

Even Maddy got in on the action, and "helped" with the dishes:

Since our big breakfast, not a whole lot has happened at our house. I'm beginning to make some of the plans for Maddy's Big Weekend!! I'm getting very excited about it, and, admittedly, a little overwhelmed. I know it'll be PERFECT, though!! :) I'm making lists (something that I am very good at), and giving myself some deadlines!!

Maddy is battling another ear infection, too. We were not able to see our regular doctor, but we got in to see the nurse practitioner. She said that I caught this one very early. She gave us some antibiotics (the not-so-nummy pink stuff), and Maddy is feeling better already!! All 4 of her one-year molars have broken through her gums now (as of last night). I'm hoping we'll get to take a little break from teething now. He canines should be next. She has 12 of her 20 baby teeth now! Crazy, huh??

Oh well... I guess that's about it for now! I hope to blog again soon with some new pictures. They're all on my phone, though, so I'll have to transfer them to the computer before I can put them on the blog (as I'm too cheap at the moment to buy what I need to be able to upload them to the Internet directly from the phone)!! :)

Love you guys!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monday we drove from Atlanta to Shreveport, LA. I believe this was our longest traveling day of the trip. By the time we got there, Maddy was D-O-N-E!! Once we got her into the hotel room, though, she talked NONSTOP for almost 3 hours. It was HYSTERICAL!!! The following video is a very (let me repeat VERY) short look into what the chatterbox had to say. Bryan was in a different room, and Maddy stood in the doorway talking to him for quite some time. Any thoughts on what she might be saying?

This is a picture that I had to share with everyone. This is the door to the shower in our hotel room. I don't believe I've ever seen a more narrow shower door in my life!! They are in the process of renovating the hotel. I hope that the renovation includes updating these rooms... I can promise you that there was nothing handicap accessible about this room!!

Once we got all the way home on Tuesday, Maddy was so relieved to be back in familiar territory. She was climbing on EVERYTHING!!

She also re-discovered some of her toys. Does everyone remember the exersaucer that I bought on eBay and was so excited because it was a 2-in-1?? Right before we left, I took the exersaucer apart and put together the walker portion. She was not stable enough before we left to be able to use it. Now, however, she's a woman on the move!! You better watch out. She doesn't let ANYTHING get in her way!! She'll mow over anything and everything that happens in her path!! LoL. Check it out:

I'm not sure that we have a whole lot more to blog about, so please forgive me if it's a few days before you hear from us again!!

Love you guys!! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Then on Sunday...

...most of the family came over to see Maddy (Bryan and I were simply her chauffeurs). Here are some of the best moments that were captured on "film":

The day began with us going to church. Here are Maddy and Greatpop hanging out before church. Don't they look snazzy??

Here are Heather, Maddy and me shortly after everyone started arriving:

and Maddy and Great Aunt Do-Do:

Jimmy, Maddy, Great Uncles Dennis and Mike:

Maddy learning what to do with a baton while "playing" with her Great Uncle Mike:

Here's a video of Maddy and her Great Uncle Mike:

Kelly and Maddy:

Maddy, Heather and Great Uncle Mike:

Maddy and Great Uncle Dennis:

As promised, here's the picture of the scrum-diddly-umptioius treat that Grandmom and Grandpop had for us... Philadelphia Soft Pretzles!! Boy oh Boy were they FANTABULOUS!! I think that, other than Maddy, these made the gathering!!! :)

After the gathering, Maddy and her Greatmom hung out on the couch waiting for the Braves game to start. Much to Maddy's dismay, the game didn't start until after 10 PM, so she missed it. Don't worry, though, Greatmom filled her in on the game the next morning before we hit the road again...

I hope you've enjoyed this latest installment of our epic journey. Tomorrow I'll tell you all about what happened once we made it to Shrieveport and back home again!! We miss you already and can't wait to see some, if not all of you in a few weeks at Chris and April's Anniversary party!! Love you guys!! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And The Saga Continues...

Well, everyone, I apologize for my absence from blogging, but we were just having so much fun that I didn't have time to blog. Here's my plan... I am going to break up the rest of our trip into a couple of different blogs. I'd like to start with our trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Maddy, also referred to by her birthday buddy as Mer-Maddy, LOVED the aquarium. Here are a couple of blogs and a video. You can be the judge!!

Maddy and Bryan playing at one of the "touch tanks":

Bryan took Maddy down the Whale Slide:

The men-folk, deep in thought:

Hang on tight kid!!

They had these really neat places where kids (big and small) can crawl to the other side of the tank and look through these bubbles. Here, Maddy and Bryan were looking through the bubble, and I was on the "adult" side of the tank:

Maddy and Bryan checking out the beluga whales:

Maddy and me looking at the sea snakes... EWWWW...

Looking at the jellyfish. Pretty neat, huh?

Maddy... Deep in thought:

WOW. What an inopportune moment to take a picture!!

A little family portrait:

This was the coolest of the "bubbles" that you could look through. This one was big enough that Maddy could crawl on it. It looks like she's on top of the water. FUN FUN FUN!! :)

Here's a video of Maddy looking at some of the fish:

After the aquarium, we went back to my Grandmom and Grandpop's house for a bit, then went to visit my dad's parents. Here are a few pictures from the visit with them!!

Maddy's Great Grandmother let her play this drum that she got while she was in Ireland. Maddy LOVED being able to make noise!! :)

Here's Maddy with her Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather:

Here she is again... Cheesing like always!! :)

Maddy got to take a ride with her Great Grandfather. I think she enjoyed that, too!! :)

Watch out for another blog (hopefully tomorrow) that has pictures and videos from the family gathering at my Grandmom and Grandpop's house. There was a very yummy treat at the gathering that I took a picture of. My mouth is watering just thinking about it... Betcha can't wait to see what it is?!?!

Love you guys!! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last night we sat out on the deck and made s'mores (a treat I've been craving since the 4th of July). We had a very nice time hanging out and chowing down. Maddy had her own version of a "s'more". I didn't think that warm, gooey marshmallows were a good idea, and per the doctor, she's not allowed to have chocolate yet, so her "s'more" consisted of a graham cracker. I think she enjoyed it, though... You can't miss what you've never had!! :)

Here's a video of Maddy demonstrating her independence. My mom had been helping her drink out of the water bottle, and she was having a lot of fun. Then, all of a sudden, she was just, plain DONE. Well, I'll let Maddy speak for herself: HaHaHa...

Today, we did a little shopping. We started at REI. I have this GREAT jogging stroller, but the cup holders are very small. My normal water bottle that I like to take on walks will not fit, so I have been in search of the perfect water bottle. I FOUND ONE TODAY!!! Can I get a woo-hoo?!?! :) Here's a picture of the perfect water bottle (in case you were wondering what the perfect water bottle would look like):

After our REI trip, we had some lunch at McAlisters, then wandered around the mall. We found a playground at the mall (where were these when I was a kid?!?!). Here's Maddy playing on the playground:

Maddy learned that she was short enough to play:

On the way home, we got our Baskin Robbins fix. We don't have Baskin Robbins in Abilene, and since we love it so much, we just HAD to partake!! Here are Maddy and Bryan enjoying their ice cream:

Once we were home, Maddy did a little exploring. She ended up on the bottom of the end table, and had a BLAST:

After dinner, we introduced Maddy to "Bucky the Wonder Horse". Chris, do you remember Bucky? She had so much fun playing with him!!!

Here's a quick video of Maddy taking a ride on Bucky the Wonder Horse:

We're having a great time here in South Carolina with my parents. We aren't ready for the trip to be over, but we'll be in Atlanta on Friday afternoon sometime. For those of you that are still waiting for us to come to a city near you, we'll be there soon!!

Love you guys!! :)