Saturday, July 24, 2010

CAUTION: Babe in Bikini

What started out as a simple car-washing lesson...

Quickly turned into playtime with the hose!! Enjoy this photos of our "babe" in her "bikini"!! :)

Hope you're able to stay cool in this heat... Maddy is doing her best!! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Unknowns...

...Have mostly become knowns!!

May I just start with a BIG, GIANT WOO HOO!?!?!?

Since Bryan went for his physical in San Antonio last week and everything went well... (Thank goodness he's as healthy as we suspected!!) ...Lots of our unknowns have been answered...

Last Friday Bryan FINALLY got his orders. After getting his orders, we got some lunch, then he went back to base and started getting our answers...

He talked with TMO (Traffic Management Office) who is supposed to help us get our household goods from here to there. Just as we were told a few weeks ago, they have a three week wait from the time you get your orders to the time they can schedule a moving company to pack, load and move your stuff. Quite frankly, we don't have three weeks... That being said, we hired a moving company to move our things for us. The government will allow you to do a DITY (do it yourself) move. If you go that route, they will reimburse you for some, if not all, of the costs you incur. We told TMO that we'd be doing a DITY move, and we'll just plan to use whatever reimbursement they give us to offset that cost. TMO suggested that since we're only going about 5 hours from here that we pack and move everything ourselves. Bryan had to hold it in and not laugh at them... Considering I'm 6 months pregnant and we have an almost 2 year old... HaHaHa. Yeah... THAT would happen!!! :) The packers will be here next Monday, and they'll load the truck on Tuesday...

This brings me to my next tidbit of good news... Our household goods will be delivered on Thursday next week... Know what that means?!?! That means WE HAVE A HOUSE!!! Want to know the BEST news of that?!?! We have a FOUR bedroom house!! We were told originally that we only qualify for a 3 bedroom house. We were prepared to handle that, but poor Amelia was going to just kind of live in the guest room, sleep in the pack 'n' play and not have a room of her own. NOW, she will have her very own room with her very own furniture!!! I believe that calls for yet another WOO HOO!!!

Our Realtor seems to FINALLY be working to help us now, too. The closing on our house is scheduled for next Thursday. We understand that we can do everything through the mail, but with that being the day that all our household goods are to be delivered, it will likely be tough to get away, find a notary, sign everything, then FedEx it back here all while trying to supervise the delivery of our household goods. Seems like it would be much more simple to get all of that done BEFORE we leave Abilene, wouldn't it?? Well, our Realtor is actually trying to get everything moved a little earlier. We'll see if it happens!!

I guess that's about it for now. I'd just like to point out that my mantra of "Everything happens for a reason" really seems to be holding some truth right now!!

So, all of this to say... WOO HOO!! Although our new home on base is not likely to be the most modern and up-to-date place, the 4 bedroom seems to be about 100 square feet bigger than our current house. I'd go out on a limb to say that the things we need on a daily basis should fit just fine and adding another person to the mix shouldn't cramp us too much. I am fully prepared to look into renting a storage unit as we will not have a garage or an attic to store things in our new home. The things we have in our garage and attic now, though, are not things we need regularly, so I think we'll be A-OK with them being elsewhere for a little while!! :)

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us, and helped us to keep our chins up through all of this!!! We're almost over all the hurdles and can get settled back into life to try to find a new normal... At least until Amelia graces us with her presence!! HaHaHa!!

Now, where did we put that St. Joseph statue?? We need to take him with us!! :)

Love you guys!! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Tidbits

~*~Amelia ... Williams~*~
The Jury is still out on what Amelia's middle name will be. I think we've now narrowed it down to Joy and Elise. Bryan very much prefers Elise, and I'm voting for Joy. We'll see who comes up with the better defense once D-day arrives (or maybe [read: hopefully] sooner)...

~*~Maternity Portraits~*~
Saturday morning we're heading out with my friend Olivia to take some maternity portraits. We had planned to do 2 sessions: one that was just Bryan and me and one that included Maddy. Since we're really running out of time (more on that later), we're going to do our best to do all the photos in one session. I think Maddy will be cooperative, so I think it'll work out just fine!! I'm very excited!! When we took Maddy's, we had all kinds of props. This time, we don't have very many props... Ok, so really, we only have ONE prop (I'm trying to think of a couple more before Saturday). LoL, but I think that adding another person and changing the location of the photos will be plenty!! I can't wait to see how they all turn out!! :)

~*~Moving Update~*~
I called today to have all of our utilities turned off when we move. It's all beginning to feel very real!! Bryan should have his orders tomorrow by lunch. (Thank God!) We've been waiting a LONG time to get his orders. We're hoping that lots of our "unknowns" will become "knowns" tomorrow. We'll see if we get the answers we want... But, nonetheless answers are better than no answers at this point!! We're planning to have our "final out" at Dyess on July 28. That means that on that day Bryan will file his last little bit of paperwork, and we'll hit the road. I scheduled one last doctor's appointment for that morning, so Bryan's planning to take Maddy with him for his "final out", then we'll meet, pick up the dog (not sure where he'll be during all of this), and hit the road. 5 hours later, we should be in our new city... I wasn't kidding when I say that it's getting VERY close!!!

I guess that's about it for now. We're looking forward to starting a new chapter of our lives, but as you can imagine, there are some nerves that come along with this transition! Just say a prayer for us that everything goes smoothly with the move. We can certainly thank God that our house sold!! Today is the last day of the "option period" which means that after today, there's virtually no way that the buyers can back out of the sale!!! I happen to think that's pretty exciting!! The home inspection is complete. The appraiser came out today. (We're still waiting to hear what he has to say.) All that's left is the termite inspection. I don't suspect we'll have any problems with that as we just had an inspection in the spring, but it's still a hurdle we'll have to get over before the day of closing!!

Ok, so I just said that I was going to end this, so I suppose I really should. This is how I end conversations, too (right Mom and Breezy?). LoL.

Talk to everyone later!

Love you guys!! :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whoa... What a Day?!?!

Our day started one way and ended COMPLETELY different... Here's how our day started:

Everyone peacefully playing together in the pool...

Nice hugs, Maddy!! :)

Nash says, "Duh, what are we looking at Maddy??"

Maddy says, "I got it Nash!!"

Proof that Maddy needs a sibling... Yes, she was pushing the tennis ball in the swing...

Ok, so maybe a little supervision is needed once Amelia gets here. HaHaHa...

Yep... Trying to swing on the teeter-totter with the ball now...

"Yo, a friend to sit on the other side of this thing, please?!?!" Said in her best Mafia voice...

Can anyone guess where this led??

OUCH!! No, really, it didn't hit her in the face. She was just leaning back pulling on it. Looks like it whacked her good, though, doesn't it?!?! :)

"Really Mom? Pictures while I eat my popsicle?!?!"

"Thank Goodness Gi-Gi helped me with my popsicle!! If not, there's a good chance Nash would have taken a bite!! Thanks, Gi-Gi!!"

Then, THIS happened... The bottom fell out, and Lake Williams is back with a vengeance!!

Look at the end of our street!!!

Bryan standing at the end of our street!

So, we started our day needing sunscreen and swimsuits, but the day ended needing rain boots!! Here's hoping that the rain stops soon... Maddy LOVES being outside, and having to keep her in for several days will NOT make for a happy toddler (or Mommy or Daddy for that matter)!!

I guess that's about it for now!

Talk to everyone soon!

Love you guys!! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Parade

So, I saw that several of you were involved in the first annual Dollar Store Fan Battle... While the Williams members of the family are insanely jealous that we missed out on this momentous occasion, we had a little fun of our own for the 4th...

Every year our neighborhood has a little parade. This year, we got to ride in Mike and Breezy's '56 Chevy and be participants in the parade... We missed Breezy BIG TIME, but had a good time nonetheless... Here are a few pictures:

Maddy was a "free woman" since the Chevy doesn't have seatbelts... Can you imagine??

"Helping" Mr. Mike...

She got a little gangsta' on us...

Supervising... Don't worry Mrs. Breezy... Maddy kept Mr. Mike in line!! :)

The parade was on Saturday morning. Sunday afternoon we had a few of our friends over for a small BBQ. When we started making plans, we kept our guest list VERY short because of the house being on the market... Which brings me to our FANTASTIC news...

Our house is under contract!!!! Thursday night a couple came to look at our house. After some negotiating on Friday, we signed the contract. The home inspection was today, and we should find out the results of that tomorrow. Things are FINALLY starting to move along!! I couldn't be more excited!! We're scheduled to close on July 30. PERFECT timing!! I'll keep you posted on our move to the thriving metropolis of Del Rio, TX!! HaHaHa.

Bryan's mom is coming for a visit tomorrow morning. I also have a baby doctor appointment for Amelia and me in the morning. I feel like the little miss is doing great... Let's hope the doctor agrees!

One last thing... We have not settled on a middle name just yet. The poll reveals that her name should be Amelia Joy, but we're going to sit on it just a little longer!! :)

Talk to everyone soon!

Love you guys!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Help, Please

Bryan and I have been thinking long and hard about a name for our new baby girl. We have settled on the first name of Amelia, however, the middle name is giving us a little trouble. We have it narrowed down to 3 choices: Jane, Joy and Elise. We have added a poll to the side of the blog. Please vote to let us know what you like...

Amelia Jane
Amelia Joy
Amelia Elise

Thank you so very much, and I look forward to revealing the result!! :)

Love you guys!!