Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Two Blog Night

Can you believe it?!?! I was on blog hiatus for SO long, and now every time I post, I make multiple posts!! HaHaHa.

Tonight, after making the busy bottles for the girls, I decided to make some quick and easy necklaces for them too... M's has Tinkerbell on it (of course) and A's is just plain and simple. I like them so much, I may make one for myself, too!! :-)

Here's a photo of the necklaces!!

G'night... This momma better get some rest!! 6:30 will be here EARLY!!

Love you guys!!


Peggie said...

Busy, busy Mama!!! I sure hope your road trip goes smoothly. You certainly are making lots of plans, so you should be in GREAT shape. Wish I could be with you to help out!!

Love ya!

Sue H. said...

You are so creative. The girls will have fun with all your special toys.