Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Bottles

Hi Everyone! I've completed another project that I found on Pinterest!! I think the girls will really like this one. I am saving these for our road trip to Arkansas, so I won't have a review from them for another couple of weeks. I made them a little different from one another... based on their ages.

For Amelia, I put dice, PomPoms, glitter, foam shapes and some jeweled butterflies in a plastic bottle. Then, I filled the bottle with water. She can shake it and hear the dice rattling around, watch the glitter fall and the PomPoms spin around. I am hoping for at least 10-20 minutes of entertainment with this one... We'll see... If not, it was a super inexpensive project, so I'm not out much!!

For Maddy, I put all the same things in her bottle, but I filled it with rice. This makes it a look-and-find bottle. She can shake it and tell me what all she sees... There's even a Tinkerbell button hiding in there!!

Once I filled the bottles, I glued the lids on with Super Glue... No need to tempt fate with spillage in the car!! HaHaHa...

Here is a photo of the bottles!!

I hope everyone's week got off to a good start!! Talk to you soon!! :-)

Love you guys!!

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Schez said...

I really love this idea, Busy Bottles! My boys will be fascinated... if only for five minutes!
Thanks for sharing.