Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girls Week

Bryan has been out of town this week, so it's just been the girls and me... Oh, and that silly ole dog we have!! ;-) I have been trying really hard to involve the girls in our dinner arrangements since that's usually the toughest time of the day when I'm flying solo. I have been so excited about our meals this week, and M has been too. Here's what we've had so far...

Monday we ate like Mermaids... I made sushi sandwiches and they had Goldfish and sea shells with them. The sushi sandwiches were just PB&J, but I used the rolling pin and flattened the bread first, then rolled them up and sliced them so they looked like sushi. The "sea shells" were mandarin oranges. M was SO excited about this meal!! She had 3 sushi sandwiches!!! When I make her a PB&J normally, she eats the equivalent of 1 sandwich. I couldn't believe that changing the shape made such a huge difference!!!

Tuesday I just did baked chicken with fruit salad and bread, but M got to help make the fruit salad. I marinated the chicken in some salad dressing and just baked it in the oven... Nothing special, but it tasted good. I cut up all the fruit then had M help me put it in the bowl and stir it. The bread was just some hamburger buns I had in the fridge (we used up all the bread with our sushi sandwiches) that I toasted and put butter on. I cut them into strips (thanks for the idea, Mom), and the girls loved that!! Another successful meal!!

Wednesday I made mini bagel pizzas. M was very into the TV show she was watching and chose not to help with these, but she certainly could have helped!! I just opened the bagels, put a little sauce, pepperoni, black olives and cheese on them, then baked them for about 5 minutes. SUPER easy and the girls LOVED it!! We had grapes as a side dish. They both ate more than I ever expected them to!!

Tonight I made a ham steak, fruit and bread. A ate more of the ham than I did. I cut the steak in half intending for the girls to share one half and I'd eat the other half. M ate one little strip of their half and A ate the rest. When I saw how quickly she was devouring it, I slowed down on my half and ended up giving A about a 1/3 of my half!!! It was crazy!!! I think I may have found a new favorite for A!!! M said she didn't like "regular ham" whatever that means!! Maybe she'd prefer the lunchmeat variety?!?! Either way, they both ate another great dinner!!

Bryan should be home in time for dinner tomorrow night, so it's going to be a Papa Murphy's night for us!! I have DVR'd a couple of movies this week, so we may do pizza and a movie with the girls!!

We're all looking forward to having Daddy home tomorrow! We've done a little "FaceTime" with him on the phone while he's been away. FaceTime is the Apple version of Skype which we can do from our phones. Both of the girls have LOVED getting to see him! They both got to tell him good night tonight. It's so sweet to watch their faces light up when they see him! M likes to tell him all about her day and her toys (as if he doesn't know what toys we have). His only complaint is that he gets motion sick when she carries the phone around while talking. HaHaHa.

Well, I never imagined that I'd have enough for TWO blogs tonight, but I did!! To tell the truth, one of my projects has to be put on hold until Bryan gets home because I need a couple of 20 ounce soda bottles, and I've been trying to lay off the soda lately. I tried water bottles, but the opening isn't large enough for my project, and I didn't make it to the craft store today, so the other projects that are on deck will have to wait!! Wonder if we'll get out the door early enough tomorrow to get some more supplies?!?! :-)

Ok, well, I'll end this now!! I just wanted to share our week of fun food with everyone!! Talk to you later!!

Love you guys!! :-)

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Peggie said...

What a great recap of your week with the girls. Sounds like it was quite successful!! I hope your trip goes well with the girls. I'm sure they will travel like champs, as they always do!!

I must agree with B on the motion sickness. M is so adorable when she carries the phone throughout the house to show things that are on her mind..... Love that girlie and her tech-savvy-ness.....

Don't know when I'll get to see you all again, but I really can't wait!!!

Love you all.....